Place Your Feet

Put your back foot on the tail with the curve of your foot matched up with the curve of the tail. Put your front foot just in front of the midpoint of the board. The bal of your foot should be over the middle of your board in the imaginary line between the bolts. Turn both feet to a duck stance with the heels just slightly closer than the toes.

Crouch properly

To crouch down bend your knees and not your back. Crouch down a few inches, enough to jump off the board. You do not need to crouch down to the ground. You are not trying to jump the Empire State building.

Start the jump

Once couched don't waste time. Begin jumping and begin to pop the next step. This is the tough part for timing. If you practiced this part separately like I said it will come much easier!

Pop hard

Straighten out the back leg and pull the front leg up so you can pop that tail hard. You will feel the snap through your whole body. It feels good!

Rise with the board

Suck your legs up to get height.

Level it out a bit

Nearing the full height start pointing your front foot down.

Land on the board

Stay on the board. Just stay over the board now and get your feet and wheels back down on the ground. Bend your knees to adsorb shock but more to keep your balance. Just think about how sweet you are going to look now when you are landing your ollie. Women will desire you.